28 July 2018

Sekhar Shyam: Rs. 70.8 crore : Update post June 2018 filings

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Sekhar Shyam: Rs.  70.8 crore : Update post June 2018 filings

Notes: This is data pulled out from BSE/NSE website. Reporting is available only for stocks with more than 1% investment.
Details where investors hold less than 1% of company would not be recorded in BSE/NSE shareholding reports and therefore are not captured by us!

Data updated for June 2018 quarter shareholding. If investor sold after 30 June 2018, the data would not be captured. Some details from Bulk deals added (but may not capture all). If you know of changes, please let us know- we will adjust/update.

See list of holdings for all top invetors in the link: http://indiaer.blogspot.com/2018/07/top-investors-portfolio-analysis-best.html

Share     Value (Rs crore)     % of Portfolio
SINGER INDIA LTD                                 11.57 16.35%
ELECTROSTEEL CASTINGS LTD                                    9.38 13.25%
JAYANT AGRO ORGANICS LTD                                    8.10 11.43%
TIMEX GROUP INDIA LTD                                    7.28 10.28%
LINC PEN & PLASTICS LTD                                    6.53 9.22%
SARLA PERFORMANCE FIBERS LTD                                    6.11 8.63%
ACRYSIL LTD                                    4.11 5.81%
PRIMA PLASTICS LTD                                    3.81 5.38%
ARIES AGRO LTD                                    3.19 4.50%
Emmbi Industries Ltd                                    3.05 4.31%
ADOR FONTECH LTD                                    3.04 4.30%
RAMA PHOSPHATES LTD                                    2.89 4.08%
IVP LTD                                    1.75 2.46%

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