04 March 2018

Ramesh Damani : Portfolio (4 March 2018) : Rs 61 crore

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Ramesh Damani : Portfolio (4 March 2018) : Rs 61 crore

Notes: This is data pulled out from BSE/NSE website. Only for stocks with more than 1% investment.
Details where investors hold less than 1% of company would not be recorded in BSE/NSE shareholding reports and therefore are not captured!

Data updated for December 2017 quarter shareholding. If investor sold after December 31, 2017, the data would not be captured. Some details from Bulk deals added (but may not capture all). If you know of changes, please let us know- we will adjust.

New entries/ exits from Portfolio also noted.

Stock  Value (Rs Crore)  Percentage of holding
TV TODAY NETWORK LTD 39.976 65.01%
Quick Heal Technologies Ltd 21.512 34.99%

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